What are subdomains and when do we use them well?

What are subdomains and when do we use them well?

Sub-domains are part of the domain that comes before the main domain name . They can help you organize your website.

In this article, we will answer the question in more detail, explain why subdomains are useful, and tell you how to create your own.

Clarify the topic of subdomains

To answer the question “what are subdomains” in more detail, you must first know the anatomy of a URL! Let’s check the URL of the WordPress reference site

This URL has two parts:

  1. The protocol (https:) is a set of instructions that the browser follows to send a request to the server.
  2. Domain, wpmrj3 .com, or main site URL. The domain consists of two parts:
  • TLD (Top Level Domain) which is part of .com (or other domain extension), and
  • SLD (Second Level Domain), wpmrj3, the name you purchase from the domain registrar.
  1. As for the subdomain when I create the following link, for example store .wpmrj3.com

When do I use a subdomain?

A subdomain is commonly used to logically separate a website into sections. You can use a subdomain to launch a jobs website (jobs.wpmrj3.com), forum (forum.wpmrj3.com) or store.yoursite.com. You can use subdomains to create blogs with different topics as well. For example, studyshoot.com is a site for Arab students all over the world. However, he uses blogs like en.studyshoot.com for international students as well.

Some other uses of subdomains are:

Create different language versions of a website (en.yoursite.com).
Create a mobile version of a website (m.yoursite.com).
Create a network of unrelated sites. For example, how you can sign up for a WordPress.com account and create your own blog on a subdomain (yourblog.wordpress.com).

How to create a subdomain

Before you can set up any subdomain, you must have a master domain. Once you purchase a domain, you also get the right to create subdomains within it. In general, these are the steps you should follow to create a subdomain:

  • Buy a basic domain – the primary domain.
  • Go to Cpanel and search for subdomians
  • Click on New
  • Give the name of the sub-domain you want
  • Save the data

Most hosting servers give you easy-to-use tools to help you achieve this.

To summarize, a subdomain is the part of a URL that comes before the “main” domain name and domain extension. For example, store.wpmrj3.com.