Fs Poster Plugin: WordPress Social Media auto-poster and scheduler plugin

Fs Poster Plugin: WordPress Social Media auto-poster and scheduler plugin

FS Poster is an auto posting plugin for social media that increases your online community and posts by sharing WordPress Posts automatically.

What are the benefits of a social media scheduler?

The scheduler plugin WordPress will feed your social media marketing with set calendar, consistent presence, comprehensive analytics. Add your social network accounts, schedule your posts, auto post to social media from WordPress with social auto poster.

Fs Poster Plugin Features

  • Automatically schedule also regular Posts for publication in social networking sites.
  • Reposting old content and scheduling multiple posts heavily.
  • Share blog photos, infographics or videos on platforms.
  • You can control the appropriate time to publish, how many times a day you want to publish and the time difference
  • You can control when to unpublish (sleep mode or disable publishing)
  • The possibility of direct publishing after writing each article
  • The ability to send direct messages with a specific design
  • The possibility of publishing on Facebook in groups, pages, personal page, as well as a story
  • The possibility of direct publishing to Instagram either as a regular post or a story

Customizing Post Message

Fs Poster Plugin

When we share posts on social network accounts, sometimes we want to share some information about our Content, not the entire post. FS Poster has ready-made keywords built in that allow you to share the most important information about your post or the entire post. You can see and use ready-made keywords in the plugin settings tab. Each social network has its own settings and custom messages.

Customize Permalink URL

Let’s say we have more than 80 Facebook pages and groups. When you share the same post on all those Pages and Groups, Facebook may consider the posts as duplicate posts, and you may get a warning from Facebook. By enabling the “Unique Post Link” option, the end of each link gets random tokens.

As a result, the post becomes unique, and you can share the same post you want from Pages or Groups.
The Additional URL Parameters option allows you to add ready-made keywords to the URL parameters.
The “Share custom URL instead of WP Post link” option allows you to specify and type your own custom URL using specific keywords. You may need it if you want to share a different URL than the post URL.

Customize a job URL:

Filter posts by post categories:

Sometimes, we have a variety of categories in which the content on our website is different.
For example, we have the men’s clothing category and the women’s clothing category.

Meanwhile, we have a men’s clothing page and a women’s clothing page on Facebook, where we share our products on those pages.

Naturally, we need to share a post from the men’s clothing category on the men’s clothing page and another from the women’s clothing category on the women’s clothing page.

By activating your account using condition feature, you will be able to share your posts in succession. In short, the plugin will automatically share the post on the account that you filter.

When you create a scheduled campaign to share your previously created posts using the scheduling module, you can also filter posts by time, post type, category, tags, and selected post card as well.


WordPress tags and categories are a way to group posts together.Although the fact that every WordPress post needs a category, while tags are optional.

If you want to share your categories and tags as social hashtags, simply add the {categories} and {tags} keywords to the custom messages. The social media FS POSTER scheduler will share your categories and tags as social hashtags automatically.

After you share your posts on social media, you can track them on the Dashboard tab. You can see the number of clicks as well as compare social networks and accounts

Social Media Supported By Add Fs Poster

  1. Facebook ( accounts, pages, groups )
  2. Twitter ( accounts )
  3. Instagram ( accounts, stories )
  4. Linkedin ( accounts, companies )
  5. Pinterest ( account boards )
  6. Reddit ( accounts, subreddits )
  7. Tumblr ( accounts )
  8. VK.com ( accounts, pages, groups, events )
  9. OK.ru ( accounts, groups )
  10. Telegram ( chats, channels, groups )
  11. Medium ( profiles, publications )
  12. Google My business ( locations )
  13. WordPress based sites
  14. Plurk
  15. Blogger

Benefits of Purchasing the Fs Poster Plugin

  • Save your time, you will be able to save your time by sharing WordPress posts automatically
  • Improve your SEO because you will be able to increase links to your site from social networks.
  • Keep your social media presence active
  • Increase website visitors 
  • You can track the number of clicks, views and visits you got from the link you post

Fs Poster Support Team

The support is very strong, and you will get direct interference from the developers if you encounter them directly. I personally have a very good experience with them in solving problems and fixes, and you can also send suggestions to developers if you have new ideas to add. 

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