Explanation of the ACF Advanced Custom Fields plugin in WordPress

Explanation of the ACF Advanced Custom Fields plugin in WordPress

ACF Advanced Custom Fields Plugin: Use this plugin to take full control of WordPress editing screens and data for custom fields. Download the plugin from the official WordPress website

What can you do with ACF Plugin?

Advanced Custom Fields is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add additional content fields to your WordPress edit screens. These additional content fields are more commonly referred to as custom fields and can allow you to build a website faster and educate your customer faster.

Types of fields you can make with ACF, see here the official website

Add ACF Advanced Custom Fields

How does adding ACF to your site help you?

You can either create dynamic fields, taxonomy as well, and relationship fields which allow you to create custom dynamic posts also complete pages.


In the default WordPress editor you only have one editor screen for writing your post content but what if you want to have another section where you can write some additional content separate from the default editor?

Here you can use ACF Advanced Custom Fields plugin called Wysiwyg editor as a field, at that time you can submit these fields as much as you write articles.

Another use of the ACF Advanced Custom Fields plugin is for people who are looking to allow users to create posts on the site

Example: ACF Advanced Custom Fields

You have a blog and you want people to submit their posts without going back to your WordPress dashboard, here you can use ACF to create a post creation form and possibly give it a restriction only to the user you want to use it for.

Another thing about the ACF plugin is these useful fields like Google Maps, Page Link and Taxonomy fields also dynamic fields and functions for a user profile…

Example: ACF Advanced Custom Fields

You need to create a profile page for your users, using additional fields like profession, location, age, etc… This thing you can also achieve via ACF plugin

So after all that, you probably know a little bit about this awesome plugin that makes your work easier and more powerful…

See here examples of using ACF extensions!

What other plugins work with the ACF plugin?

You probably know that in many cases WordPress plugins work together and using several plugins is not a good thing in one website, but if you decide to use ACF, I would probably suggest you also use Elementor Plugin + ACF Frontend for Elementor .

How to use ACF with Elementor?

You can easily use the Elementor Dynamic functionality in the pro version! Allowing you to display fields you’ve created via Acf in your single post form perhaps.

Using the ACF FRONTEND FOR Elementor plugin

This plugin allows you to use the frontend rendering functionality in WordPress without any coding skills. It means that you can create a custom form, which makes you and users able, if you want, to send articles to the site and write them without having to go back to the control panel

You can use all three plug-ins together

ACF Create custom fields
Elementor displays data entries you enter
ACF Frontend for Elementor plugin allows you to create a front-end form to submit your articles on the front-end without going back to the WordPress dashboard.

This is it !! 😃😃😃

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